The Progress Layout
Pasted Graphic 5
The Progress Report is a shot list that shows the essential identifying and progress phase of each shot. Here you will find pulldowns that allow you to track each phase as to whether it is in progress, done or n/a. When you select one of these the progress box for that phase changes color, allowing you to see at a glance all the shots that are "done" in the character animation phase for example. In addition you can find all the shots being worked on by a specific artist or you can click on the column headers to sort the list by the function of that header. Also, if you are a manager, you can alter the headings above the phases to suit your show's needs.

Note: When you select from each progress phase the box may not change color immediately. To remedy this simply hit the Refresh button.

To "drill down" to examine a shot on the list in detail, click the little grey arrow to the left of the shot and you will be taken to the shot page for that shot.

As with many of the layouts in Showrunner™, to sort the list, simply click on the column headers.
You can create a "found set" or list of shots in several ways. The Find Active button finds shots with Yes in that field. The "Mark" checkbox allows you to use the find marked button to manually create a found set. And the find (magnifier) button allows you to find data in any field.

As you see, the Progress layout is a very powerful place to analyze the status of your production. As a manager or coordinator you will likely spend much of your time here.