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Announcing VFX Showrunner 5.0!

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Just look at the features:

• More flexible budgeting:
You can select which vendor you've awarded a shot to and their bid appears in your budget.
Budget breakouts has a Miscellaneous category that is infinitely expandable.
Additional layouts and reports
• More timecode functions. Showrunner now calculates element handles in timecode format.
• More connectivity with Final Cut Pro and Avid: Import your shot and sequence data directly from your favorite editing program to make shot building and data entry a snap.
• Better scheduling: When you use Showrunner's scheduling module:
The next deadline for each shot is automatically displayed on its shot page.
Build your schedule in a timeline based on weeks or days.
• More alternative layouts for better communication.
• Tool Tips!
• Better navigation and communications tools.
• Easier data entry.
• Improved Scanning and Filmout options.
• Better asset management. Mac users can reveal Assets and Versions in the Finder with a single click!

All this and more for only $199!
Buy or upgrade today!!

To Download Showrunner Pro click here. Once you receive the email with the download link you can download Showrunner Pro. It has a ten day trial period during which Showrunner Pro is fully functional. After your payment is received you will receive a second email with your personal registration code which will permanently unlock the program so that it can be used beyond the ten day trial.
Upgrade Policy: The price for Showrunner Pro 5 is $199 for every user whether you have purchased previously or not. But you have a ten-day fully functional free trial to determine whether Showrunner Pro is worth your hard-earned cash. What have you got to lose?